The Grey Space

Undoing. Doing. Redoing.


Workplace coaching for teams and individuals.

Poor mental health costs the UK economy between £74billion and £99billion per year. (source: Mind)

Work-related stress accounts for 45% of all illness absenteeism and costs UK businesses 11.7 million days a year(Source: HSE)

1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health problems such as anxiety, stress and depression every year. (Source: Mind)

Equipped to be your own self-coach.

Through the process of ‘Undoing. Doing. Redoing’, The Grey Space approaches mental wellbeing from a preventative standpoint with a proactive focus on flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Using an evidence-based approach grounded in cognitive behavioural coaching, I encourage a psychophysiological mind-body approach to developing resilience and psychological adaptability.

5 times ROI, £5 return for every £1 invested in coaching (Source: Deloitte)

Our Approach

Our emphasis is on equipping employees with the practical tools they require to manage their stress responses before they reach ‘the grey space’ – the edge of burnout or the area in which the boundaries between coaching and therapy blur.    It is far easier and less costly to prevent a stress-related issue from developing than it is to undo the damage it can cause.

Key areas of focus…

  • Transitions  – whether undergoing return-to-work transitions – after furlough, career break or maternity/ paternity leave; in leadership positions; or on track to becoming future leaders.
  • For leaders – A lot of our work is around developing the tools and mindset required for agile leadership. This coaching enables future and current leaders to cultivate and maintain a cohesive, productive working environment.
  • Wellbeing – Staff wellbeing is closely linked to organisational resilience and productivity. Establishing and maintaining a healthy workforce is vitally important.

Our workshops and coaching aim to create greater confidence, resilience and agile employees.    


Can your organisation afford to ignore the cost of poor mental health in the workplace?

See if coaching psychology can support your employees and organisation. Coaching psychology has been proven to reduce stress by guiding people to discover their own resilience, flexibility and capacity. This leads to more access to creativity, agility and emotional intelligence, all of which contribute to a thriving workplace and stronger leadership traits.