Modern day life is full of stress: fact. We all have plates in the air that we need to keep spinning, with the pressures of work and home life coming at us from all angles. The pace can be relentless, with curveballs appearing out of nowhere at times, taking us from thriving to just about surviving in the blink of an eye.

Change is often the only – and inevitable – constant in our lives and it’s our ability to manage change, and the stress it brings, that defines whether we can cope. This isn’t always something that comes naturally, but here’s the good news: resilience and stress management are skills I can help you develop, so you feel more in control of your life by changing how you see yourself and the world.

My approach to coaching

I’m a coaching psychologist and bereavement counsellor with experience in organisational psychology and health and wellness coaching. The experience I’ve gained across the therapeutic and coaching fields has given me a passionate interest in coaching psychology and a keen awareness of the therapeutic space. In fact, I’m so passionate about the subject that I’m studying the ‘grey space’ between therapy and coaching for my doctorate.

So, what exactly is coaching psychology? Put simply, it’s an approach that combines the concepts and theoretical aspects of psychology with the practice of coaching. The aim of coaching psychology is to help people improve their wellbeing, and their performance and achievements both at work and at home, using tried and tested methods based on scientific research.

My personal focus is on empowering you with the techniques you need to develop self-awareness and regulate unhelpful thought patterns. I firmly believe that by gaining an understanding of how your brain and body react to pressure and stress, you’ll learn to interpret not just how you feel but why you feel this way. In turn, you can learn how to better manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions going forward.

Why I’m different

Many of my clients come to me because they feel discouraged or dissatisfied with previous services they’ve tried and/or recognise that they’re stuck in a rut. Or, they may simply feel unhappy with one or more aspects of their lives, but are unable to identify the cause, leading to confusion and additional stress.

I can empathise with the latter situation, as I’ve been in the same boat myself. It was my own experience of dissatisfaction and unhappiness and the desire to change it that led me to study psychology and a range of coaching techniques. Having learned how to change my own outlook on life, I now use my unique skill set to help others who are suffering in the same way.

My approach includes targeted behavioural therapy, self-coaching and the teaching of specific ways to help you manage the boundaries, values and relationships in your life. We’ll reflect on what you’re experiencing and work together to identify factors that are causing you stress and impacting on you negatively in other ways.

Armed with this new-found knowledge and self-awareness, you’ll become empowered to make the necessary changes to regain control and move forward in the right direction. By learning to manage the way you think, you’ll also be equipped to prevent or lessen future episodes of stress by regulating your emotions and coping more effectively with change.

How I can help

If you’re struggling with stress, unhappiness, dissatisfaction or feeling overwhelmed by life, I can help you move towards enjoying a better quality of life where you flourish and thrive. There might be a single source of the problem, such as your job, love life or family relationships. Sometimes there are multiple factors or, as noted above, you might not know or understand why you feel as you do.

Whatever your individual situation might be, I can provide the support and coaching you need to reframe your thinking, manage your emotions and learn how to become more resilient to stress. I’ll help you become your own coach, so you can reconnect with yourself and become a stronger, happier person who can cope with whatever life throws at you.

Of course, life isn’t about being happy all the time (if only it was that easy!). There’ll always be good times and challenging times. But, by preparing yourself in advance for when things get tough, you’ll have the strength and resources to get through it successfully. The key is to accept that life doesn’t always go to plan and learn how to keep developing and growing from every experience that comes your way, positive or otherwise.

Looking for something different? Get in touch today.

Sometimes, traditional services just don’t fit the bill. If you’ve tried other sources of help and they didn’t feel right, or this is your first time looking for support, let’s see if coaching psychology is for you.

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