I approached Lauretta because I needed help to find a better way to manage various pressures. Lauretta is very knowledgeable and has an excellent way of communicating new ideas and thought processes which in turn provide a stronger platform of interpersonal skills from which to tackle life and business challenges.

Lauretta is very helpful and provides great advice on thinking clearly, self-compassion, boundary setting, visualisation, and assertive communication. It is a very worthwhile investment and it makes a fundamental difference to my outlook. I cannot recommend Lauretta highly enough.

Surveyor – 2019 

I was going through a very tricky period in my life both personally and professionally and I could not really see how I was going to get through it. I started working with Lauretta and she helped me identify what was most important for me and how I could make sure I prioritised these things appropriately. Now I am in a much better place with my work and my relationships.

I look back on what I learned with Lauretta and am very grateful for how she helped me build a foundation which is supporting so many of the things that are not only going well for me but getting better and better all the time. So thank you Lauretta for helping me in the best way possible.

Broker – 2017

I saw Lauretta for several months and she helped me with various issues. Mainly helping me to communicate more assertively with my business partners and helping my self-belief that I should be in the position I am (major shareholder). It has helped me make better decisions and we are now moving forward in a more positive way as a company.

Lauretta has taught me some coping strategies which have helped me with sleeping and managing stressful situations in the workplace. I cannot recommend Lauretta highly enough.

Accountant – 2017

Lauretta is an exceptional coach and mentor. Her knowledge as a trained psychologist, together with her warmth and energy sets her apart from any other coaching style I have seen. She is insightful and open in her approach, whilst at the same time offering her clients practical tools and structured action plans that work!

Her sessions helped me immensely to identify my true core values and find my inner creativity. They also gave me the inspiration and confidence I needed to launch my new business venture – which is rooted in my own personal mantra to a happier, healthier me… I can’t thank her enough and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

If you are stuck in your life, whether in your job, relationship or looking to improve your health and wellbeing – Lauretta will gently guide you and set you on your own path of self-discovery.

Mindfulness Coach – 2015

I was dealing with severe mental health conditions and their symptoms, in particular anxiety and resulting depression. Previous experience with mental health professionals had, to my opinion at the time, destroyed my faith in mental health services. However, this narrative was truly shattered once I’d met Lauretta. Lauretta’s service, and the framework she brilliantly laid out, made for an incredibly comfortable and effective resource to aid me in the manifestation of my own arsenal to attack my illness head-on.

Lauretta is wonderful at taking the complexities of mental health issues, and the often undefinable and unexplainable feelings we hold damagingly close, and perfectly rationalises their root causes in order to best find a way to address them. I could not recommend her services more.

Personal Trainer – 2016

I am a Psychology graduate who was pursing the path toward clinical psychology to a tee, however, never felt settled in any role, always looked to what else was out there and focused a lot of energy on the ‘shoulds’: I should be further in my career; I should be earning more; I should love every minute of my job.

With all this going on in my head, it was a downward spiral and I found myself consumed by the question of which direction I should go in. So… I sought some help from Lauretta. She helped me understand and strip back to what my core values were and instead follow a path that was true to me, not what others may feel I should be doing.

Lauretta’s gentle but firm approach really suited me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels a little stuck and lost. Since then, I am in a great place, working in a totally different field, which excites me every day!

Creative Consultant – 2015

Working within a family business can be very challenging. There are a lot of politics, communication issues and external stresses that impacted on our business, its management and decision making, and generally handling conflict. Lauretta helped me to understand how others and I communicate, and how being related can change the dynamics of that.

Understanding our business challenges and needs, I was able to work with Lauretta to create a structured approach to my communication, with clearly defined outcomes. I learnt to establish boundaries, and enforce those. In the end, communication improved, commitments were kept and boundaries respected. We started to talk more, listen more and overcome business challenges with a lot more coherence and support. I could not recommend Lauretta more. Everyone has unlocked potential, and this extends to his or her ability to maximise themselves, their relationships, their businesses. Getting in touch with Lauretta is a must, and the result worth its weight in gold. 

Business Owner – 2017